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Willow and Natural Materials

Some examples of work with natural materials.

I have a small willow garden which is harvested annually and used for living willow structures and green willow weaving projects and courses.

I buy stripped buff willow from Somerset for finer work and certain projects that require a smooth finish.  

Willow trellises and arches will support climbing vines, roses and and creepers, which can also be used as weaving materials.

basket made from blackberry stems
Clematis Montana on Living Willow Trellis
Birds Nest Deconstructed Basket
Willow Onion Hut
Living Willow Potted Heart
Willow Catkin Fan
Living Willow Gothic Arch
Living Willow gateway
marazion school willow arches
Living Willow archways, spring
Willow Huts in the Playground
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